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"I walk over 10 miles a day as a Trolley Operative, which means I can keep fit while I work!"

"The best bit about working in Landside Ops is being part of a team where everyone gets involved. There are lots of opportunities to build my skills, and I've even had full security training."

Karl Bates, Trolley Operative


"I've always wanted to work at MAG, because it's a gateway to bigger and better opportunities!"

"I've been a Bus Driver since I was 18, but the challenges on offer at MAG mean that this is a completely different working experience. I started with the business as a Bus Driver but have also trained as a duty allocator, so I get to experience MAG on a more senior level which is great for my career. The role comes with lots of responsibility - it's a very demanding job and you are constantly on the go but that's the kind of working environment I love."

"As part of the Landside Ops team, I'm often in the thick of operational action and that's a very proud and inspiring feeling. I was chosen to represent the company as we welcomed the Huinan airline to Manchester Airport and it was one of the most exciting things I have ever done!"

Cliff Lanham, Bus Driver


"I wanted to work at MAG because I've always been interested in aviation and wanted a career with an iconic UK brand."

"To be an airside allocator, you need to go through some highly intensive training, and I'm still learning new things every day! It's a high pressure environment where anything can happen, but MAG make sure you're fully prepared for the role and that you can think fast when you need to. I've been able to take control of my own development and I'm constantly inspired by the endless opportunities here at MAG"

Louise Atkinson, Airside Allocator


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I've got high standards and I want to make sure the service we deliver is 5 star!

Suzy, Escape Lounge Manager

"The training and development, with the support available to me, has been second to none."

Aaron, Security Team Manager

You don't know what's going to happen on a day to day basis,
that's how challenging the job can be!

Mark, Firefighter, Manchester Airport

The business is constantly evolving and looking forward to an exciting future

Claire, Public Relations, East Midlands Airport

It's going places, there's a lot of excitement at the moment of things to come...

Jennie, Colleague Engagement

There's a vibe, an excitement which is a live environment
that you don't get anywhere else

Gavin, Senior Project Manager, M.A.G. Developments