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Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

M.A.G is committed to a Diversity framework that supports the Company’s vision, values and strategic aims. M.A.G recognises that every colleague is unique and that by understanding individual differences and harnessing them, the Company can ensure it recruits, develops and retains excellent people.

The Diversity Strategy sets out M.A.G’s approach, including the goals that the Company seeks to achieve in this area. The strategy supports and underpins the Human Resource Business As Usual activity in order to effect and influence every part of the colleague life cycle and closely links to the M.A.G Values, which are aligned with M.A.G Business Plan. The Business Plan sets out a clear vision for M.A.G to be the Premiere Airport Management and Services Company.


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There's a vibe, an excitement which is a live environment
that you don't get anywhere else

Gavin, Senior Project Manager, M.A.G. Developments

"The training and development, with the support available to me, has been second to none."

Aaron, Security Team Manager

I've got high standards and I want to make sure the service we deliver is 5 star!

Suzy, Escape Lounge Manager

The business is constantly evolving and looking forward to an exciting future

Claire, Public Relations, East Midlands Airport

It's going places, there's a lot of excitement at the moment of things to come...

Jennie, Colleague Engagement

You don't know what's going to happen on a day to day basis,
that's how challenging the job can be!

Mark, Firefighter, Manchester Airport